February 18, 2009

It is true that you learn something new everyday and lately I feel like it is all depressing.  More specifically, I’ve been learning something new about MYSELF everyday.  Here’s the big one.  I want to be better than I am (at everything) but I am too scared to try new things so I will keep knitting scarves.  That’s a pretty good metaphor, but also true.  Not only will I keep knitting scarves, but I will keep knitting them in garter, seed, and stockinette stitches.  I’m not even knitting new patterns.  There is probably a lot you can do with those three stitches, like lace or cables but I will never know.


good decision?

January 2, 2009

I really thought long and hard about having a blog and finally decided it was a good idea.  Now I am wondering about this decision.  First of all, I am finding this website really confusing.  Secondly, I am wondering if I really want people reading the things I write.  I still think I have interesting things to say, but now am worried about being judged by those who express themselves with perfect grammar and sentence structure…people who really write well and use big words.